Memory Support Unit

memorysupport4Christ the King Manor’s  Mary Mother of Hope Memory Support Unit is designed to provide elders afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia a home-like environment that is safe and secure.

Warm and Welcoming Surroundings
The Mary Mother of Hope Memory Support Unit is made up of two separate households of 12 private rooms each. Each household is centered around a spacious activity and dining area which features a country kitchen and fireplace, and both units are designed to provide a warm and homey feeling.

Plenty of Space, With Comfort and Privacy
There are also private lounges, a large activity room, spas with whirlpool tubs and an enclosed back yard that can be enjoyed from the shady porch. Long corridors and big, bustling nurses stations are things of the past as home takes center stage.

Resident-Centered Care
Resident centered care, which is a quality of life approach to caregiving, is provided by our specially trained staff. Rigid schedules have been replaced by flexible dining hours and a more natural timetable of sleeping and rising.

Warm, Personal Atmosphere
Consistent staffing and a warm, personal atmosphere allow residents, staff and families to build relationships that enhance the lives of everyone. Residents have more independence, privacy and choice – just like home.

If you would like more information on the Mary Mother of Hope Memory Support Unit at Christ the King Manor, call us at 814-371-3180.

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